Plane Crash In Arkansas Kills Couple


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A plane crash in Arkansas claimed two lives. The plane was flying through Arkansas when it dissappeared from the air control radar on Monday afteroon. It was found Tuesday in a remote part of Arkansas.

The two people who died in the plane crash were Adina and Ivan Williams, ages 52 and 63 of Pryor, Arkansas. The couple owned a construction company called the Williams Construction Company.

The plane wreckage was found in a remote part of Arkansas and nearby residents reported hearing a loud boom in the area around 2:30 on Monday afternoon. The bodies were found while investigators searched the wreckage and authroities confirmed that the couple were the only people on board the plane when it crashed.

The Williams were traveling to Oklahoma from Arkansas and were due to arrive at their destination by 3 p.m. Monday afteroon. Although the weather was not particularly bad on Monday, authroties believe that rain and wind could have caused the plane to crash.

The exact reason for the crash is not yet known and investigators will continue to search through the wreckage and examine the crash site for clues as to what could have caused the plane to crash.

Image from Twitter.