Pittsburgh Shooting Left Three Students Injured


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A shooting close to the Pittsburgh area has left three Brashear High School students injured. One student was shot in the shoulder and neck region, another student in the arm as well as the foot, and the third in the head. The incident did not occur directly inside the school, but rather was brought to the attention of school officials when an injured student was questioned by administration of the Beechview campus. The shooter retreated into a wooded area near the vicinity of Brashear where police have since searched.

Finding the culprit (or culprits) behind this tragedy has shown to be a difficult process since the injured students have not been forthcoming with details. However, the police department has still been able to determine some potential leads. According to Diane Richard, who is the spokeswoman for the Pittsburgh police, "We do have some leads on the actor or actors."

SWAT team members are still looking for those responsible for the shooting. At this time it has not been reported whether there was one party responsible or multiple individuals. A SWAT team vehicle was seen in a nearby neighborhood shortly after the shooting, where two handcuffed people were escorted into the armored vehicle.

Reports are not claiming the type of involvement the two handcuffed individuals may have had with the shooting at this time. Diane Richard said that the two may only be linked to the incident and not necessarily directly involved. According to WTAE, police are in the process of questioning multiple people who may be connected to the crime.

Brashear High School was placed on lockdown, and the three students were all taken to a hospital for treatment. Though the circumstances surrounding the shooting have not been released, Pittsburgh school district spokesperson Ebony Pugh, has shared some details. According to Pugh, the three students included two juniors and one freshman, who were in the midst of walking to a vehicle in which they all three had commuted earlier in the day when the shooting occurred.

[Image Via WTAE]