Pippa Middleton: Is She Expecting?


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Pippa Middleton is almost as famous as her sister and naturally everyone wants to know what she's up to all the time. Pippa recently purchased a home with her boyfriend of two years. The home is very large and very nice, but it isn't the size of the home that has everyone talking or the amount of bedrooms. It's the fact that the home has quarters for a nanny.

Rumors that Pippa may be pregnant or considering a baby have been swirling for a while, but are yet to be confirmed.

“The separate living accommodation for childcare is particularly appealing for them which could signal they think starting a family isn’t too far off,” a source said. “A little cousin for Prince George might not be out of the question after they set up home.”

While Pippa and her boyfriend Nico's home purchase may look like a sign that the couple is ready to settle down and start a family, the home may just be one of several places the couple lives over the next few years. Nico recently took a job in Geneva and the couple are rumored to be looking for a home there as well.

“They’ll be looking at properties in Geneva too, but are clear they want London as their main foothold,” a source said.

Pippa was recently chosen as an ambassador for the British Heart Foundation, so it may not be the right time for her to get pregnant. If Pippa is expecting, she could join her sister, who is rumored to be pregnant with baby number two.

The royal palace has yet to confirm if Kate is indeed expecting, but most people suspect that she is.

Do you think Pippa or Kate may be expecting? If so, why are they hiding it?

Image via Wikimedia Commons