Pinterest Sees Huge Leap In Latin America

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Image-based sharing-site Pinterest has seen quite a jump in growth this year, spawning copy-cat sites and sites based on the general idea but aimed at men. Now, the company is seeing a big increase in their Latin American fanbase--by as much as 8 times, as a matter of fact, from 153,000 to 1.3 million.

While Brazil accounts for the majority of the jump, Mexico and Argentina are spending more and more time on the site, which allows users to "pin" photos of things they like and categorize them on "pinboards". Unlike other social media sites, you don't have to befriend someone on Pinterest in order to share their pins or have access to their page. Research shows that most pinners are women, although men do account for a significant amount of user traffic on the site.

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The popularity of sharing things you love doesn't seem to be waning, despite some users' complaints about copyright laws regarding the photos they post. Pinterest is currently even engaged in a battle of sorts with photo-giant Getty Images over those same copyright laws, although both companies declined to comment.

It's possible that a good deal of user growth can be attributed to Pinterest's mobile apps, as well, which were released late last year.

Amanda Crum
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