Pia Zadora in Intensive Care Following Golf Cart Crash

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Pia Zadora suffered serious injuries following a golf cart crash near her Las Vegas home. Her son was driving the golf cart at the time of the accident.

Zadora's husband, Mike Jeffries, says his wife suffered a serious head injury as well as a compound ankle fracture. She remains in intensive care in a Las Vegas hospital.

Jeffries added that Zadora has been in and out of consciousness since arriving at the hospital Thursday night.

Pia Zadora was scheduled to perform at Piero’s Italian Restaurant in Las Legas, where she sings with a band led by pianist Vinnie Falcone, both this weekend and next. Those performances have now been cancelled.

Zadora's initial claim to fame was as a Broadway actress, where she starred in the original production of Fiddler on the Roof opposite the late Zero Mostel. From there she enjoyed a lucrative career in both acting and music.

Pia Zadora has recently starred in a new musical review called 'Pia Reloaded,' that celebrates both her career and her life.

About a year ago, Zadora was ordered to complete 'alcohol and impulse-control' counseling following an incident where she disciplined her teenage son with a hose in an effort to make him go to bed. It's uncertain whether this is the same son who was driving the golf cart that crashed on Thursday. She has two sons and one daughter.

It is certainly everyone's hope that 61-year-old Pia Zadora makes a full and speedy recovery from her injuries sustained in that golf cart crash earlier this week. Golf cart crashes are becoming more and more serious as people aren't governed by any or many rules when driving them--whether in a golf course or in gated communities. Just this past week in Maine, a young man died as the result of a golf cart crash at a golf course in South Berwick.

Maybe it's time for some hard and fast rules of the road for golf carts before others are hurt or killed?

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