Photos Still King on Facebook, Make Up 93% of the Most Engaging Posts

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If you're a brand hoping to get the maximum amount of follower engagement from your Facebook posts, it's best to think visually.

That's because in terms of user engagement, photos are king. And it's not even close.

The latest numbers comes from social media analytics company Socialbakers, who conducted a study of their brand clients. what they found was that a whopping 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook were photos. That's up from 85% back in August of last year.

Plain status updates only accounted for 3% of the most engaging posts on Facebook, with links and videos both coming in with 2%.

The bottom line: If you want more likes, comments, and shares on your content - it's best to post a photo.

"It´s been well established that, photos are one of the most engaging post types on Facebook. We looked at a sample of 5000 brand pages monitored by Socialbakers and found that people prefer to interact with photos more than with any other type of post, such as simple status updates, links, or videos. We’ve seen that many of Facebook´s layout and design changes increasingly support visual content, such as enhancing photos and increasing their size. In March, the social network went as far as calling it the best personalized newspaper in the world as it, besides other things, provides space for strong visual storytelling," says Socialbakers.

Facebook knows that photos rule the site, and they've been taking steps for the past few years to make the service more photo-friendly and to emphasize photos both in the news feed and on users' Timelines.

Back in March, Facebook unveiled the new news feed which, among other improvements, seriously increases photo visibility. Photos in the new news feed are larger, and they're given more prominence. Facebook says that they want to make each news feed story more visually indicative of the experience. Of course, the new news feed is still in beta and has only rolled out to a very small percentage of users.

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