Phil Robertson Says Obamacare Can't Keep You Out of the Grave, No Matter What Obama Says

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It may be one of the strangest claims or implications about Obamacare since “death panels”. Duck Dynasty star and patriarch of the Robertson clan, Phil Robertson, recently spoke to Sean Hannity, holding forth on all kinds of topics that his duck call business apparently makes him an authority on.

Robertson has been on a mission lately to support his book unPHILtered: The Way I See It. There is quite a market out there for advice and motivational bon mots from a man who has “never turned on a computer”, as he calls himself. Folks have sought out Phil for advice on marriage, preaching the gospel, and business.

On marriage, Phil’s advice is simple: Have her cook for you first.

But, during the Hannity interview, Phil’s attention took a swing toward something that his Fox News host was more interested in.

“Always remember this,” Robertson announced, “television, fame, money – listen, here is a news flash America. Fame cannot remove your sin and all of the money you ever amass cannot raise you from the dead,” Robertson said.

Well, there may be a segment of the population out there for whom this comes as shocking news. Money can not raise the dead.

But, wait.

“And contrary to what Obama has said about Obamacare, Sean, it’s not going to keep you out of the ground, dude. And not only that, you’re going to spend a lot of money to have it. What I’m giving the American people is eternal health care, and it’s free. Give me a break.”

As of this writing, claims of statements by President Obama that the Affordable Care Act could keep a person “out of the ground” have yet to be verified.

Despite the faith-based nature of Robertson’s statements, which pretty much move them out of the realm of what is verifiable and debatable, pundits are saying that he “shot down Obamacare in 43 seconds”.

Mike Tuttle

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