Pete Cosey Dies: Guitarist Played With Miles Davis, Etta James

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Iconic guitarist Pete Cosey, who was a session player with Miles Davis and other huge Jazz names in the '60s and '70s, has died of complications from surgery. He was 68.

Cosey worked with some of the biggest blues and R&B acts of the day, but became a name in his own right when he played with Davis' electric band during the '70s and made good use of a wah-pedal; but he was also known for his work with Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf, two of the biggest names in the blues genre.

He was a musician without a country, refusing to commit to one place and playing anywhere the wind took him. His collaborations are the stuff legends are made of and featured both live shows and albums with Aretha Franklin and Herbie Hancock; but he formed his own band as early as 2001 called Children of Agharta and played with Power Tools and Burnt Sugar. It seemed Cosey wasn't content to limit himself to one stage or one band; he played wherever he felt he fit in.

Cosey will be greatly missed by fans, who considered him a living legend to be learned from.

Amanda Crum
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