Pet Food Store Owner Goes On Pet Food Diet

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Pet food is not for people. Unless you happen to be Dorothy Hunter of Washington state.

Dorothy Hunter is eating pet food for 30 days to try to raise awareness of what is actually in pet food ingredients.


"I was really busy one day. We were getting ready for a car show in a hurry to get stuff done that day. I didn't want to take time to leave the store to get something to eat so I just grabbed a package off the shelf," said Hunter.

I just don't think I've ever been that busy, but Hunter says that quick snack has turned into a mission to get the attention of pet owners everywhere and get them to start checking the ingredients on not only their pet food, but the food they feed their families.

"People are so shocked by the story that they are actually reading the ingredients on products and asking,'What is this?' So, I'm really happy that came out, that was my main goal. People read the ingredients, be aware of what they're feeding to their pets, kids or themselves because there's a lot of stuff out there that's not very good," said Hunter.

This is true, there are many things in our pet food and our own food that we really shouldn't be eating, but I think that is common enough knowledge by now. Does she really have to eat pet food for a month to prove it?

What happens if it's totally disgusting? Well, the pet food goes to her pets. Where it belongs.

"If I try something and I don't like it, my dogs are getting it. So that's worked out real well for them. They're happy with that part. They're a little confused as to why I'm eating the dog food, but they're getting over it," said Hunter.

I'm not sure I'll be getting over that image very soon, but her tactics seem to have worked. She has, in fact, garnered the attention of the nation for a few minutes. Hopefully her pet food mission will be successful enough to make it worth her while.

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