People Don't Really Trust Online News, Still Opt For TV

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Information consumption has shifted dramatically in the internet age, as more and more people turn to online-only news outlets and social media to get their daily scoop. The sudden availability of such a great volume of information on the web has led more than few to declare the death of print media - and they've even predicted the demise of other, traditional forms as well.

And while it's true that the internet provides to largest range of free information (without question), it appears that people still have a trust issue when it comes to online news outlets.

A study of adults in the U.S. by Triton Digital has found that only one in eight people think that "internet-only news sources" are the most trustable places to get information.

In all, only 12.5% of people chose internet news as their most trusted source. Men are a bit more trusting, by 15.9% to 10.2%.

So, where is all of the trust?

Television. A whopping 45.2% of people said that TV is their most trusted source for information. Here's there was a giant gender gap, however. Nearly 50% of women chose TV while only 38.4% of men did.

If not news, then what is the internet trusted for? According to data from the same survey, it's commerce.

61.1% said that the internet was their top place to go to for product research and recommendations.

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