Pebble Unveils Stainless Steel Smart Watch


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Pebble has the distinction of being the most funded Kickstarter project in history, and for a pretty good reason. It proved the smart watch was something that people wanted, and everybody else started to develop their own smart watch platform shortly after Pebble's success. You'd think the company would have an innovative new product for CES to shake up the wearable market again, but you'd also be wrong.

Before CES starts proper, Pebble took time to announce its new Steel smart watch. The Steel is the exact same Pebble smart watch that Kickstarter backers fell in love with, but now with a stainless steel wrist strap, Corning Gorilla glass, and a tricolor LED display. In other words, it's a prettier, tougher version of the previously released Pebble smart watch.

Check it out:

Pebble Steel Announcement @ CES | 6 January 2014 from Pebble Technology on Vimeo.

While you may have hoped that Pebble to release a completely new watch, the Pebble Steel is actually a pretty brilliant idea. The Steel is backwards compatible with all apps built for the previous generation Pebble watches, and apps built for the Steel will work on the original Pebble. What you're paying the $249 premium for then is a premium smart watch that exudes luxury.

In all honesty, it definitely seems that the Pebble Steel is squarely targeted at those who want a luxury smart watch that looks stylish. Until now, smart watches, except for Sony's Smartwatch, have looked like plastic toys. Pebble is maturing its smart watch lineup to appeal to those who want a smart watch, but don't want to be seen wearing a gaudy plastic bauble.

If you fall into the category of consumer who seeks a luxurious look over all else, you can preorder the Pebble Steel directly from the company's Web site right now. It retails for $249, and comes in brushed stainless steel and black matte varieties.

Image via Pebble Technology/Vimeo