Payday 2 Developers Walk Us Through The Perfect Heist


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Payday 2's August 13 is quickly approaching, and would be bank robbers are preparing for the biggest heist of their lives. Before they head out, however, they may want to see how the pros do it.

In a new trailer released today, the folks at Overkill Software walk us through 8 minutes of a heist. Previous trailers have focused on only one gameplay element, but they all come together here in a look at the new and improved gameplay of Payday 2.

In the walkthrough, it's shown that players will have to pay attention to much more than just their equipment loadout in Payday 2. Players will also have to impersonate guards, disable cameras and prevent civilians from calling the police. Interestingly enough, players have full control over how much money they take, and they can even loot every lock box in the safe.

Payday 2 launches August 13 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.