Pay What You Want For Six Android Games In The Humble Mobile Bundle 2


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Are you finding your Android phone a bit lacking recently in quality games? Worry no more then as the Humble Mobile Bundle is back with another helping of quality Android games at a price that you name.

Like with past bundles, you can pay what you want for four Android games - Star Command, Time Surfer, Punch Quest and Bloonds TD 5. If you pay more than the average of $4.58, you'll also get copies of Ravensword: Shadowlands and Carmageddon. Like always, the money you spend on this bundle can be given to the developers, to charity, or split between the two.

As an added bonus, those who buy the Humble Mobile Bundle 2 will get the soundtracks for all of the games except Carmageddon.

If you want a preview of these titles, check out the following promotional video for the bundle:

The Humble Mobile Bundle 2 will be available for the next 13 days, but you might want to jump on the deal now. Not only will they most likely add more games as it moves on, but the average price to unlock Ravensword: Shadowlands and Carmageddon will be much lower now than it will be two weeks from now.

[Image: Humble Bundle/YouTube]