Pay-TV Subscriptions to Top 1 Billion This Year


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Over the past few years, as the internet's profile has risen as a mainstream entertainment service, cable and satellite providers have seen subscription numbers dropping. At the same time, purveyors of IPTV services have been seeing an influx of subscribers.

The rise of IPTV has helped the overall pay-TV market grow throughout the past two years, with subscriptions hitting nearly 900 million near the end of 2013. Now, a new report from ABI Research shows that pay-TV subscriptions could hit over 1 billion during the coming year.

The new report estimates that pay-TV subscriptions will rise to 1.1 billion during 2014. This would bring in just over $320 billion in revenue for pay-TV providers. This represents a significant rise from the nearly $250 billion that ABI estimates pay-TV operators took in during 2013.

“Increasing FTTH (fiber to the home) subscriber base and bundled subscriber base of telcos are boosting the IPTV market," said Jake Saunders, practice director of core forecasting at ABI. "ABI Research forecasts that the IPTV subscriber base will grow to 161 million subscribers in 2019 accounting for 15% of overall pay-TV market."

While cable subscriptions in the U.S. and other emerging markets are declining, ABI reports that emerging markets are still seeing cable TV growth, especially in Asia and South America. Along with cable and IPTV growth overall, Africa is seeing incredible growth in the pay digital terrestrial television (DTT) market. ABI estimates that DTT subscriptions rose 45% in Africa during the previous year.