Pawn Star, Rick Harrison, Marries Girlfriend


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Rick Harrison marries his girlfriend, Deanna Burditt, Sunday in Laguna Beach, California.

Harrison, from the popular History Channel television show "Pawn Stars", told People "I'm living the dream," after his engagement to Burditt in February 2012. "I didn't really ask her, I told her 'Girl, I'm marrying you,' and then I gave her the ring," he said.

There were 180 guests in attendance to watch the boss of Gold & Silver Pawn wed Burditt. Among those who were there were his three sons, including Corey also from "Pawn Stars", his three daughters, and the funny man himself, Chumlee. Officiating the ceremony was Danny Koker from another popular History Channel television show "Counting Cars". Who would have know that Danny was an ordained minister? Chumlee served as the ring bearer for the ceremony. Harrison and Burditt exchanged their vows on the beach at sunset.


Harrison and Burditt hired a wedding planner to help plan the ceremony, but Rick joked that he was being stuck with all the planning. As with most men, Harrison didn't realize what all went into planning a wedding. “She’s left me to do all the planning, and all I can say is that there’s a lot more to weddings that I ever thought,” Rick said. “What started with just 40 family and friends is now well over 100.” This is the third marriage for both Harrison and Burditt.

I just had no idea there was so much involved. I just thought you got a cake, had a party, buy a keg.


As for the honeymoon, it looks as though they will be camping somewhere out west. "I wanted to take her to the south of France. Or Fiji," Rick told the Review Journal. 'She said, "Let’s just go camping."'