Paula Abdul Visits the Holy Land for Religious Pilgrimage


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Paula Abdul recently made her way to Israel for a very special trip. The purpose of the trip was a pilgrimage to the Western Wall where she would celebrate her first bat mitzvah. Abdul grew up as a practicing Jew and has wanted to visit Israel for some time.  The pilgrimage is a planned tour that is scheduled to last for a full 10 days.  Abdul was invited as a special guest by the Tourism Ministry. On her itinerary is Tel Aviv, Galilee, holy sites, markets, museums,  and additional undisclosed sites inside of Jerusalem. She stated, "I only landed yesterday and I already feel I won't want to leave."

Abdul received a warm welcome and was greeted formal by President Shimon Peres at his home. Peres was inviting and encouraging and stated "he'd already had his bar mitzvah, but that she had not celebrated her bat mitzvah, so she had something to look forward to."

Exploring the holy land like a tourist was an important aspect of the trip. "I've traveled the world touring and things like that but I don't get the chance to see much of wherever I'm at," Abdul said.  She then went on to describe the pilgrimage as "the most magnificent trip I've ever taken ... magical and emotional."

Many Jewish fans that have not been to the holy land are extremely interested and are supporting her from afar.

"Beyond being Jewish, I've always found myself to be very much in tune with spirituality," the 51-year-old Abdul told The Associated Press. "I feel very grateful coming to Israel now, where as a woman I know who I am a lot more than even 10 years ago."



Fans do remember Paula Abdul for her great hit songs in the late 1980's and 1990's. She furthered her career as a choreographer and reinvented herself for television. Her more recent television appearances were as judges on American Idol and The X-Factor where she used her experience to be a judge.

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