Patrick Stewart Explains That Amazing Lobster Costume Tweet

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Sir Patrick Stewart's recently foray into social media has proven something that we all thought was impossible - that Sir Patrick Stewart could win at life any more than he already did. Now, he's a Twitter superstar. He's so much of a Twitter superstar that he got to hang out with all of Twitter's top brass at their IPO on the NYSE earlier this week.

@SirPatStew is generally amazing on Twitter - consistently posting amazing photos like him and his wife in a ball pit, him eating his first pizza "slice," and him hanging out with Gandalf. All the time. It's incredible. So the fact that he would tweet this photo, on Halloween, was not surprising. But that didn't make it any less amazing.

Now, we finally know the story behind the lobster costume thank to an appearance by Stewart on The Daily Show. Check it out. I especially love how he ties it all in to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's crack problem.

Oh, what the hell. Here's Patrick Stewart in a ball pit:

Image via Patrick Stewart, Twitter

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