Pat Sajak Loses It, Walks Off "Wheel Of Fortune"

Lacy LangleyLife

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Pat Sajak has surely heard many a ridiculous answer in the decades that he has been hosting Wheel of Fortune.

I mean, people are silly, crazy, and sometimes just plain stupid.

But, on Monday night's episode, things got out of hand and just seemed to be too much to handle for the TV game show veteran.

When a phrase was on the board with only an "n" revealed, one contestant guessed, "Riding a brown horse."

The answer garnered giggles from the rest of the contestants and a confused look from Pat Sajak, who said, "That's amazing! And it's wrong!"

The next contestant then guessed, "Riding a white horse?"

This was too much for Pat Sajak who briefly left the stage, then came back and screamed, "Who said anything about a horse!?"

Turns out, the final answer was "Seeing a buddy movie".

But, it's not like decades on the same game show have dulled Pat Sajak's sense of humor.

I mean come on, Pat Sajak obviously appreciates a good joke!

What do you think about Pat Sajak's reaction to the horseplay on Monday's episode of Wheel of Fortune?

Lacy Langley

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