Paris Hilton Has Amanda Bynes Removed From VIP At Club


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Amanda Bynes has been in the headlines a lot lately, and it doesn’t look like she will be leaving them anytime soon.

Over the weekend Bynes was overhead saying that she wants to kill her parents. The recording of Bynes was given to TMZ, who released it online.

Bynes apologized for the tape and said she was only joking, but considering her rants and mean tweets about her parents lately, it’s hard to believe her.

Bynes has been trying to get better and live a normal life, and she did find the time to go out to a club with Paris Hilton, one of her long-time friends.

Unfortunately, Bynes couldn’t keep it together at the club either and she was asked to leave by Paris and removed from the VIP section.

Bynes was at the club with one of her male friends and decided to have a seat is Hilton’s VIP section.

Hilton wasn’t having it and asked security to have her removed.

"There was a scene, and words exchanged, before they kicked her out of their area," a source told Page Six.

It’s no wonder Paris doesn’t want Bynes hanging around her. She has been behaving very strangely lately, and a source said her behavior in the club was embarrassing and odd.

"She wasn't drinking, but she was acting really weird. She stood in the middle of the club with her friend, looking really awkward, and just seemed totally out of it," the source said.

Bynes seems to be struggling to get her life together, and it looks like she isn't ready to be going out in public yet.