Paris Hilton Boots Amanda Bynes Out Of VIP?

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According to reports, troubled actress Amanda Bynes was seen feuding with Paris Hilton on Thursday, November 13. The former Nickelodeon star and Easy A actress was seen being escorted from the VIP area of LA nightclub 10ak after she and a male friend tried to join the heiress, who was not happy about the intrusion. Bynes proceeded to act strangely the rest of the evening.

A source told Page Six that Hilton was joined by Brandon Davis at the time of the incident. “Amanda tried to sit at Paris and Brandon’s table, and they were not happy about it. There was a scene, and words exchanged, before they kicked her out of their area.” The source added, “Amanda wasn’t drinking, but she was acting really weird. She stood in the middle of the club with her friend, looking really awkward, and just seemed totally out of it.”

It’s been reported that Bynes practically idolized Hilton. She even got a puppy so she could imitate the hotel heiress-turned-DJ. “Amanda thought Paris was so glamorous when photographers would follow her around all the time,” said a Radar insider about the pet purchase. “When she got that puppy she said it was to try and be more like Paris.”

Bynes got in trouble recently after a tape surfaced wherein she talks about wanting to kill her parents. “I want to literally like lead him into a ditch and... I haven't decided how I'd want to murder him, because now I have like this war wound on my face, and I don't believe in murder. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than like, slitting his throat,” Bynes said in the recording.

Disturbing tape recording of Amanda Bynes saying that she wants to murder her family

According to reports, Bynes’ family wanted the tapes released because the recordings could be used as a “wake-up call for medical professionals to intervene and get her help”.

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