Parasailing Accident Leaves Two Teens Hospitalized [VIDEO]


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Two 17-year-old girls were injured on Monday after a parasailing accident sent them airborne. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the Indiana teens were vacationing in Panama City Beach this week when they were carried aloft on a gust of wind after attempts to winch them back failed. The boat they were attached to was anchored to keep it from being pulled onto shore, and the towline then became detached. The girls smashed into the side of a building and hit power lines before landing on parked vehicles.

Part of the disturbing accident was captured by a foul-mouthed beach-goer and posted to YouTube:

Both of the girls suffered head trauma, and one received spinal surgery this week. Though they were in critical condition when they arrived at a local hospital, they are now expected to recover.

Aquatic Adventures, the company that runs the parasailing business issued a statement this week saying that its employees "adhere to best practices to minimize the risks associated with watersport activities," but that "sudden weather conditions can and do occur."

(Image courtesy Grand Velas Riviera Maya under Creative Commons license)