Paralyzed Bride Fulfills Dream Wedding


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Here comes the bride. Stevie Beale from Toledo, Ohio, was a picture-perfect bride: beautifully cloaked in a white wedding dress with a blushing glow. She looked like a beauty straight out of a storybook. The story is even more charming when one hears about the obstacles Stevie had to overcome in order to walk down the aisle. Seven years ago when Steven was a girl of only seventeen, she was in a catastrophic car accident in which her spinal cord was severed and her back broken. The tragedy in which Stevie's best friend died, left Stevie with no feeling in her legs.

Stevie Beale shared with Today, "I thought I was doomed to my parents' house, to never have a boyfriend or never get married," she tells Today. "I thought I was going to sit at home and rot away."

But seeing her walking down the aisle on her wedding day was such a moving experience that her husband, Jared VanAusdale shared this with ABC, "Seeing everything come together at that moment and seeing all the hard work pay off...Her in the dress and how beautiful she was...Just kind of overwhelming...tried to keep it together as much as possible."

Love at first sight is something that rarely happens; however, this is one of the fortunate stories that seems to be just that.

Jared VanAusdale told WTVG 13 ABC, "It didn't take long with her and I being together for me to figure out this is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with." While Stevie Beals told Today, “I always tell him that he gave me the ability to enjoy life again and makes me continue to want to work hard."

This is one real life fairy tale that has everyone talking and celebrating.