Next Pandora Personalized Concert In Series Hits NYC

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Pandora, the personalized radio service built on The Music Genome Project, has launched a series of "personalized" concerts. The first was the band Dawes and played in Portland, Oregon last month. The next one is Portugal. The Man, playing in New York City tonight. (catch vids below)

The structure of the concert series goes hand in hand with the structure of Pandora itself.

In Pandora radio, you get customized, personalized "stations" based around music you already like and your own voting on songs (thumbs up, thumbs down). Ideally, you end up with stations playing tons of music that you like and helping you discover new music within the same range of taste as what you already like.

The concert series does the same thing, but for a larger area, and live. Pandora analyzes the preferences and voting patterns of subscribers in a given locality (e.g. Portland), then selects a band to play that area.

The show is at the Bowery Ballroom. Doors open at 8:00 PM, show starts at 9:00 PM. The shows are free and by invitation. A few tickets are available at the door starting at 7:00 PM, but given the venue, they will likely go fast.

Portugal. The Man - "Got It All"

Dawes - "A Little Bit of Everything"

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