Panda Cub Triplets Turn 100 Days Old


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What could be cuter than a baby panda cub? How about three baby panda cubs.

Earlier this year three baby panda cubs were born at the Chimelong Safari Park in Guangzhou, China. The first baby panda born was a female and her two brothers were born within the next four hours. The triplets are the only surviving panda bear triplets in the world.

The pandas are now 100 days old, weigh 11 pounds and have two teeth each. They are healthy and growing bigger and stronger every day.

Dong Guixin, general manager of Chimelong Safari Park, said that physical exams show that the pandas are all healthy and doing well.

They are doing so well that the park is going to start putting them on display for visitors to see.

The exhibit will open on Wednesday, but will only be open for a short time each day. The pandas will need to get used to the attention and since they are still so young, they still need a lot of care and attention form their handlers.

The panda triplets will also start spending more time with there mother soon. Each one will get to spend a five day cycle with their mother, when she will care for them and teach them how to be pandas.

"It is imperative to help the triplets form a good relationship with their mother and keep them in close contact. We hope that they can live together if the cubs grow healthily," Dong said.

The baby pandas also need names and the park is open for suggestions. They are hoping that once the triplets are seen by the public, visitors will come up with names to suit each of their individual personalities.