Pamela Anderson, Rick Salomon: Divorce On Hold?


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Pamela Anderson has had her fair share of failed marriages. She was married and divorced twice before she married Rick Salomon the first time in 2007. Anderson requested that the marriage be annulled less than three months later. She and Salomon remarried in January of 2014, but Anderson filed for divorce again two weeks ago.

In spite of the divorce filings, the couple seemed to be getting along pretty well. They were photographed hugging and kissing on Monday and a source who witnessed the couple together said,

"They were very tender, very sweet."

The witness also said that both Anderson and Salomon were wearing their wedding rings and talked and cuddled throughout the day.

"They definitely looked as if they had reconciled," the source added

The public display of affection doesn't necessarily mean that the couple has reconciled. Anderson has a habit of hooking up with her exes. After her first marriage with Salomon was annulled, she admitted that the two were still friends with benefits. She also admitted to sleeping with her first husband Tommy Lee for years after they divorced.

Just a couple days after filing for divorce it seemed like Anderson was having mixed feelings about the relationship. She shared a poem that expressed her feelings on Facebook. Anderson wrote the poem herself and it seemed to touch on various aspects of her life including her failed relationships and her career.

It looks like Anderson and Salomon are still in love and it's not to late for them to forget about the divorce and work on their marriage.

Do you think the couple will end up divorcing or are their recent acts of love a sign that they plan to stay together?

Image via Wikimedia Commons