Palm Bay Shooting May Have Been Self-Defense


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There have been no arrests made in the matter the Eastern Florida State College shooting that occurred in Palm Bay, Florida on Thursday.

The trigger was pulled by 24-year-old Landrick Hamilton, a student at EFSC, who was allegedly minding his own business and sitting in his car when another car pulled up next to him. In the other car were two men: Amado Contreras, 25, and his younger brother 24-year old Landyer Contreras.

A verbal spat started between the men, soon escalating to physical violence. Hamilton claims that the two young men physically attacked him. Amado Contreras and his brother are alleged to have assaulted Landrick Hamilton with a pool cue, at which point Hamilton reached into his vehicle and recovered a gun.

Hamilton fired, hitting the older Contreras brother in the chest.

Contreras was taken to Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne. Police report that he is in fair condition. Hamilton was also taken to an area hospital to treat injuries related to the confrontation.

It is an incident where all involved are claiming self-defense, including the shooter.

It has been noted that the shooting comes two months after a Florida appeals court struck down a decision that would keep students from storing guns in their cars on campus. In addition the infamous Florida "Stand Your Ground" law has played a huge role in recent shootings throughout the state.

Despite this, the college may still decide to take disciplinary action against Hamilton.

According to EFSC Spokesman John Glisch, the college is waiting to see what the final decision from law enforcement is. However, "if it was his gun, and he did bring it onto campus, he’d be subject to student discipline up to and including expulsion."

The college campus experienced a lockdown as a result of the shooting, but it was lifted a few hours later. Classes were canceled for the rest of the week.

Image via WESH 2