FCC Approves Additional Starlink Satellites at Lower Altitudes

The Federal Communications Commission has granted SpaceX permission to launch satellites at a lower altitude.

SpaceX President: No Plans for Tiered Starlink Pricing

SpaceX is aggressively rolling out its Starlink satellite internet service, and has no plans to offer multi-tier pricing.

SpaceX Wants to Beam Starlink Internet to Planes, Ships and Trucks

SpaceX wants to expand its Starlink internet access to moving vehicles, including planes, ships, trucks and RVs.

Starlink Will Double Speeds and Cover Most of the World This Year

Starlink internet service is poised to expand to much of the world, and double in speed, later this year.

SpaceX Now Has Over 10,000 Starlink Internet Customers

SpaceX has crossed a significant milestone, announcing it now has over 10,000 subscribers to its Starlink internet service.

SpaceX Completes 17th Starlink Launch, Passing 1,000 Satellites

SpaceX has launched its 17th round of Starlink satellites, brining the total number to 1,015.

Starlink Internet Service Expanding to the UK

Elon Musk’s second company has hit a major milestone, expanding its Starlink internet service to the UK, its first international market.

SpaceX Wins $885 Million In Subsidies to Expand Starlink

Elon Musk’s other company, SpaceX, has won $885 million in federal subsidies to help it expand its Starlink internet service.

Starlink Beta Already Delivering Over 150 Mbps Speeds

Starlink’s internet service beta is already exceeding expectations, as it delivers faster speeds than promised.

SpaceX Launches 60 Starlink Satellites – Bullseye Sea Landing

SpaceX launched 60 Starlink satellites from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida Sunday morning. To date, they’ve launched more than 750 Starlink satellites to orbit.