Ozzy Osbourne Sparks Drunken Rumors At Grammys

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Ozzy Osbourne has famously battled drug and alcohol abuse for years, and when he had a relapse last year his friends and family were shocked to learn he had been using for 18 months before coming clean. Bandmate Tony Iomme said that although Osbourne was at his home quite a bit during the recording of their last album “13”, he never knew what his old friend was going through.

"You know what, I couldn't believe it. He was working at my house and I didn't pick up on it at all. None of us did. He really hid that well. It was a shock, actually, when [Ozzy's wife] Sharon told me. I just couldn't believe he'd been drinking again. I didn't see any signs of it," he said.

"He was really good at keeping it secret. I thought he was talking a lot - he used to drive us nuts because he wouldn't stop talking - but we put that down to the excitement of doing the album," Geezer Butler said.

Although Ozzy entered a rehab program last year, his behavior at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night raised some eyebrows and sparked some rumors that perhaps he isn’t fully rehabilitated.

The 65-year old rocker flubbed his lines onstage during an introduction for Ringo Starr, saying, “I completely fucked it up” when asked what happened. While some thought the incident was simply classic Ozzy, others wondered if it was brought on by something other than a faulty teleprompter.

Earlier in the night, Osbourne got gushy when he spotted his daughter, Kelly, on a screen after red carpet hostess Guiliana Rancic brought her up.

"Isn't Kelly great? She's the best thing in the world. I love you, Kelly!" he said, later shouting, "Where are you? I love you!" Ozzy said. "She's the light of my life, she is. She's wonderful."

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