Original 'Angry Birds' Updated With New Levels


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Almost four years on from the release of the original Angry Birds, Rovio's mobile game has now become a phenomenon. The game has gotten several sequels and spinoffs, including the recent Angry Birds Star Wars 2. The franchise has even been marketed nearly as well as the Star Wars franchise has, with Rovio's characters now found on everything from clothing to theme park playgrounds.

Even through all of this explosive growth, Rovio hasn't abandoned its original game. The developer this week released yet another update for Angry Birds on iOS and Android.

The new update, named "Short Fuse," features the black bomb bird as he and his disgruntled friends cause havoc for a "Professor Pig" and destroy his lab. The bomb bird has been given a new power called "Shock Wave" that allows it to erupt in a large sphere of electricity. Players can use the new ability throughout the 30 new levels that have been added to the game.

A new launch trailer for the "Short Fuse" update was released along with the content. It previews the Shock Wave ability and shows off a few of the new levels. It also features a bit of story-based animation from the team that creates the Angry Birds cartoons: