Ordinary Heroes: Comic Creators Go For Their Dream

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The Kentucky arts scene has been bursting at the seams recently; in a state known more for bourbon, basketball, and horses than creativity, it's refreshing to see artists who have something new to say emerge from the Bluegrass State.

In recent years, Lexington, Kentucky found the burgeoning medium of street art receiving new focus thanks to PRHBTN. The Secretariat Festival brought artists from all over the state who turned bourbon barrels into a colorful homage to the famous horse. One genre that doesn't get a lot of attention, however, is comic art, but two best friends from Lexington are aiming to change all that.

Derrick Miles and Barry Corman have created a different kind of comic and will go live with a Kickstarter campaign on Friday, January 17. The idea was to find a way to get their story across even with a lack of drawing skills, which required a lengthy process akin to filming a movie.

"What makes this comic truly unique is its special art-style using a not-so-ordinary process. Shot in live-action with all of the usual difficulties facing a movie shoot (actors, locations, costumes, sets, time of day, etc.), those images are then post-processed in Adobe Photoshop giving it the look of a modern, big budget comic book," the creators said.

"Ordinary Heroes" is the story of a paraplegic named Ken who, after a tragic event, develops a multiple personality disorder that causes him to believe he is a superhero. According to the synopsis:

Going by the name of the Stars and Stripes of Justice, he believes himself to be a silver-age, super-powered, costumed superhero. While standing for “truth, justice, and the American way”, his inadvertent and reckless physical actions sometimes show quite the opposite. Due to his delusional views of himself, Ken puts himself and those around him in danger. This danger filled lifestyle leads to Barry and Derrick coming to his aid for his own safety and to protect those around them. Thus, the Ordinary Heroes team is created!

"When Barry and Derrick told me about their idea for a sleep walking paraplegic who fought crime, I thought it was brilliant and was more than happy to help out any way I could," says Ken Kirk, a friend of the creators who stars in the comic.

Check out the Kickstarter preview, which offers several goodies at varying donation levels, and follow the Ordinary Heroes Facebook page for updates.

Image via Kickstarter /Barry Corman/Derrick Miles

Amanda Crum

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