'Orange Is The New Black' Season 2: Red Says We'll Find Out Why Nobody Will Mess With Her Gravy Again

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As the Orange is the New Black buzz continues, cast members continue to talk about the show, and tease fans about what they might get to see on the already much-anticipated Season 2.

LA Weekly posted an extensive Q&A with actress Kate Mulgrew, who plays Red on the show. As we've seen with various other cast interviews since Season 2 began filming, the conversation inevitably turns to what's going to happen in the second season.

If you're concerned with season one spoilers, stop reading now.

So far, Dascha Polanco, who plays Dayanara Diaz, has indicated that she doesn't know if her character is really pregnant - a plot point which will surely be addressed in the upcoming season - and Pablo Schreiber, who plays Pornstache, has said we can assume we'll be seeing more of him next season (as if there were any doubt).

LA Weekly asked Mulgrew if Red has a plan for preventing anyone from doing anything like tainting her gravy (as we saw in season 1) again.

"I'm sure she does," Mulgrew responded. "But I can't share that with you. [laughs] Nobody will EVER [taint] my gravy again. For a multitude of reasons, which you will find out later on. You will find out everything in the second season."

She also notes that she grew her hair out between shooting season 1 and the start of season 2 production, though she wouldn't say anything about whether her look will change on the show.

When LA Weekly asked her what entrée plans Red has when she's running the kitchen again, Mulgrew responded, "She's going to find that elusive chicken [that Piper spotted in the prison yard]. And she is going to make Chicken Kiev and it's going to be the only silent scene ever shot for Orange Is the New Black because the women are going to be so dazzled, so overcome with pleasure, that they're just going to eat the Chicken Kiev in absolute blissful silence. That's my dream."

Okay, so no real spoilers from any of the cast member so far, which is good. Would you really want them? Just enough chatter to make us consider the possibilities. We'll probably be considering them for a while, as the show will not return until an unspecified date next year.

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