Oprah's Interview with Whitney Houston's Family Broke the OWN Record with 3.5 Million Viewers


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Oprah Winfrey's interview with Whitney Houston's daughter (Bobbi Kristina), brother (Gary Houston), and sister-in-law and manger (Patricia Houston) on Sunday set an OWN record with over 3.5 million viewers. Winfrey's new Own primetime series, Oprah's Next Chapter, capitalized on Whitney's demise and how the people closest to her wished her to be remembered. Prior to this exclusive interview, OWN's 14-month run has never been able to capture so many viewers.

Bobbi Kristina shared that she treasured the relationship that she had with her mother and said that her favorite memories of her mother were when she was on stage performing. Bobbi plans to carry on her mother's legacy through song and says her mother has prepared her to rise as a star. While her mother has passed away, Bobbi admitted to feeling her mother's spirit "pass through her" and she even feels that Whitney is trying to communicate with her.

The interview also showed a powerful clip of Kevin Costner speaking at Whitney's memorial about her fragile self-esteem. He said she always wondered if she was pretty or good enough, and while this helped her push through in the industry, he cited her insecurity as the reason for her final stumble. Bobbi also shared moments where her mother had exhibited a lack of confidence.

Her family said that Whitney took it really hard when her voice began to weaken and she became depressed. Patricia said the siren started to make excuses for not being able to hit the high notes and really struggled with her emotions.

Whitney's family did not point a finger at ex-hubby Bobby Brown, despite the physical, verbal, and emotional abuse that was evident in their relationship. Apparently Bobbi and her father have a decent relationship and he has been reaching out to her throughout the mourning process.

The family denied rumors that they had asked Bobby to not attend the service; in fact they say that he "was supposed to be there." But Bobby was not present during the memorial; he visited the lifeless Whitney before the service began.

The family was more appalled by a photo of Whitney dead in her coffin that was leaked and published by a tabloid. Her brother said that the act was plain "evil."

While Whitney's family is saddened, they say Whitney's mother is taking it the hardest. Her mother refused to comment and seemed to be in desperate need of closure. What is most haunting is that Gary said their mother predicted that Whitney would die young and become an angel.

I am sure that more details about Whitney's death and estranged dynamic with Bobby will unravel over the next few months.