Oprah Winfrey Hosts Big Yard Sale For Charity


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Oprah Winfrey has certainly never held back her generosity, and always seems to use her money for good in some way. In an outrageously successful event that she held at her home on Saturday, the celebrity talk show host was able to raise $600,000 for charity.

Oprah has been a variety of things throughout her career, including actress, producer, philanthropist, media mogul, and talk show host. Her talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show ran from 1986-2011. She has also appeared in several films, most notably The Color Purple, and her recent role in The Butler, which will likely earn her another nomination for Best Supporting Actress. She also has her own television network and magazine.

The wealthy celebrity decided to have a huge rummage sale in order to downsize. The actress has certainly accumulated a lot of stuff, and we all know how much people want to get their hands on something that they know was owned by a celebrity.

The prices for ordinarily mundane items skyrocketed, including a teapot that was expected to sell for $100, that actually went for $1000. There are plenty more examples of items going for outrageous prices, such as two extravagant sofas that brought in a collective $8,750.

The sale was labeled as "The Oprah Winfrey Collection," containing hundreds of her personal items. The sale was held at the Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club and included antiques, contemporary furnishings, and fine art. The collection was made up of the great amount of things that she has accumulated in her several homes in Indiana, Hawaii, Chicago, Santa Barbara, and her "La Quinta" estate.

Oprah Winfrey's grand yard sale was sponsored by Kaminski Auctions, and for those who could not make it to the sale in Santa Barbara, she sold her possessions in an online auction.

The media mogul has always talked about simplifying and wants to be able live that way herself, at least to the best degree that she can. She discussed her decision to have the sale when saying "I'm trying not to be attached to things. I'm trying to live the life that I talk about, like not letting things define you. But it's hard."

Image via Youtube