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One of Google+'s biggest draws is photography. Unlike any other social network, photographers have taken to Google+ to showcase their art, and Google+ users are more than happy to share it across the platform. If there's something that's going to help keep Google+ relevant and push it into the top tier of social networks, I have a feeling that it could be photos.

On any given day on the internet, the news changes so fast that if you don't keep up, you could miss a story in the blink of an eye. Because of that, trending topics lists (whether it be on Google+, Twitter, Yahoo, whatever) morph every few minutes. But on Google+. there's only one type of trend that we can count on being near the top every single day - photography-related trends.

#MacroMonday, #TreeTuesday, #WildlifeWednesday, and #FloralFriday are just a few example of the many types of image-based trends spring up on Google+. Today, it's #LongExposureThursday.

[Lead image courtesy Michael Sanford]

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Mark Esguerra

The only thing that could ease his broken heart was knowing that there would be a new day, with renewed hope.

I've been disconnected over the last few days. Though I was able to jump online for a bit yesterday and this morning, I'm afraid I still won't be up to full speed for at least the rest of the week. I'll try to get my +1's and comments in when I can, but, you know how it is sometimes. I also want to thank those of you who have commented on other posts and mentioned me. I apologize for not replying right away but hopefully I'll try to play catch up once things settle down for me.

Anyways, I at least wanted to sneak in here and get my contribution in for #ThirstyThursdayPics . Don't forget to use the hashtag and to tag our skipper, +Giuseppe Basile. Again I apologize if I don't get to your contribution, but at least the captain is at the helm steering the ship straight. 

#ThirstyThursdayPics   #Jarviewalk   #LongExposureThursday  

Ramesh Prabhu

The Other London Bridge

People mistake this one for the London Bridge, and understandably so. It's more famous, architecturally beautiful, has been in more movies, and is popular with the tourists.

My 8 year old and I braved the wind and went out one night to get pictures of The Tower Bridge. After bouncing a few ideas back and forth, we settled on this composition that he thought would have the most impact 🙂

#longexposurethursday   #london   #longexposurephotography   #nightscapes  

Cho Tang

On a mini photowalk with +Kevin Baker yesterday. Why mini? Because we didn't do much walking as we only stayed at this spot where coincidentally after 10 minutes or so of shooting, we came across +Paul van de Loo . Pleased to meet you in real life sir!

#HDR  Photography by Cho Tang

#ThirstyThursday   #longexposurethursday   #longexposurephotography   #longexposure  

Tyler Shotwell

my child-like mind says, "ooooooo, pretty colors." #longexposurethursday  

Evangeline Mcallan

#longexposurethursday   is this a real thing that happens every thursday? I have found my people!

Xavier Davis

#LongExposureThursday  Wife spelling out Son's name with leftover sparklers....

Pete Kovac

here's one for #longexposurethursday  - ENJOY! 


Check out this photo of the #Tucson  Sky for #LongExposureThursday

PJ Rosenberg

Bridal Veil Falls
Photographer: Remi Boucher
#longexposurethursday   #waterfallsphotography   #treetuesday  

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