CES 2012: OnLive Coming To Google TVs


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OnLive, the company that allows the streaming of full PC titles through a broadband connection, have announced their support for Google TVs.

The company announced today during CES that their support for Google TV targets future and current televisions with their instant-streaming technology. The entire OnLive library will be available to Google TV users which means that over 200 titles will be available instantly to anybody who uses the service.

The service will be bringing high-performance console-class title (i.e. PC games) to Google TV owners as well as their social features like Brag Clip, which allows players to capture 10-seconds of their greatest feats. The OnLive Viewer, which is just the social features of the service, is available now on Google TVs. Full OnLive service will be added to all current and future Google TVs soon.

Google TV is the latest tech to support the service with regular TVs already supporting OnLive through the company’s MicroConsole. The service is also available to PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones. It will soon be available on Blu-ray players, media streamers and set-top boxes.

The OnLive Desktop service, which essentially streams a virtual desktop to devices, will also be available to Google TV. This allows users to use PC applications like presentations and the sharing of photos and videos.

“OnLive integration into Google TV is a huge leap forward for videogames,” Steve Perlman, OnLive Founder and CEO, said. “Consumers have come to expect instant gratification with music, movies and video. Now, with OnLive, players in the US and soon in the UK can just as easily stream the highest-quality games to their Google TV devices for play instantly on demand, without discs or downloads.”

It’s only a matter of time before OnLive invades every platform imaginable. It’s a great service to have, but the constant, high-speed broadband connection required for the service is still one of its many downfalls. Once more homes have high-speed connections, OnLive as a service will truly take off. That’s not to say that they are doing poorly. With this latest integration into Google TVs, OnLive is preparing the future. Once it arrives, they’ll be ready.