Online Political Ad Spending Accounts for 1.5%


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It has been reported as of late that politicians have been turning to digital media in support of their campaigns, but the actual spending on web ads has been relatively low.


In a study by Borrell Associates, online political advertising in 2012 will account for an estimated $159 million out of $9.8 billion total ad expenditures, which is roughly 1.5%. Still, this number is sharply higher than the $22.2 million spent in 2008, up over 615%.

According to Adweek, politicians running for office will spend about $42 per voter, the highest windfall of political advertising yet, and total ad expenditures will be up 41% from 2008, the costliest campaign so far in history.

With online ad spending gaining popularity, Borrell points out that there will be a small decline in turning towards broadcast television- TV ads will still account for $5.6 billion of the total funds, but its share will fall to 57.3%, down from 61.9% in 2008. Cable TV spending will also be up 43.8% from 2008 at $938.8 million.

Borrell speculates that spending will be most concentrated in the Northeast. At this, Virginia markets like Norfolk and Richmond will attract between $60 million and $80 million, while Florida markets such as Orlando, Miami and Tampa will see $150 million to $175 million.