OneRiot Moves Away From Realtime Search


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OneRiot said today it is moving away from its realtime search to focus on its online advertising platform.

Since the company first launched its advertising network in January brands and media companies including Stella Artois, Sony Pictures, AOL and Time have incorporated OneRiot into their digital marketing strategies and have benefited from the company's realtime social targeting.

/Tobias-Peggs “We’ve been in the market with two products that leverage the same underlying technology platform: consumer-facing realtime search and an innovative advertising product that monetizes both realtime search the wider realtime social web,” said Tobias Peggs, OneRiot’s CEO.

“Our advertising platform has taken off like a rocket – both in terms of network growth and the number of advertisers who are seeking to engage with the social influencers across that network. Going forward, we’ll be focusing all our energy on this side of the business. It’s the right business decision - focusing means we’ll move faster and deliver more in this one area. Of course, realtime search is still very important to us, but future investment will be focused on our paid-search syndication product rather than our own organic search destination site.”

OneRiot partnerships are available to marketers looking to reach social influencers across its network of Twitter and Facebook apps, mobile apps, and social networks.