Olsens' $55,000 Handbags: Croc Skin And Pills

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Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have never exactly shied away from the limelight; at 26, they've achieved more than many of their peers put together. As child actresses, they dominated the television landscape with roles on the highly popular sitcom "Full House" and later put out their own series of direct-to-video features, which appealed to kids on a mass level. From there, it was on to fashion and jewelry and perfume, and they haven't stopped dabbling in all the things they love.

But the latest venture for the twins is somewhat controversial, and not just because of the outrageous price tag; their crocodile-skin handbags are also adorned with prescription pills, which many say advocates drug use.

The bags, which will only see a limited run of 12 when they go on sale on December 12th, will cost around $55,000 each and were designed by Damien Hirst, who is no stranger to controversy himself. While there are a couple of different styles, the main attraction seems to be the pill bag, which comes in a multi-colored style as well as all-black.

Luckily, a portion (unspecified) of each sale will go to UNICEF, and as popular as the twins' last handbag line was, it's expected that this series will sell out despite the cost.

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