Olivia Culpo's New Boyfriend Nick Jonas


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The 2012 Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo, crowned the 2013 Miss Universe, Gabriela Isler, on Saturday with her new boyfriend, Nick Jonas, by her side.

Jonas hasn't just been by her side during the pageant, but all the days leading up to the pageant. He said, in an interview with E! that he didn't realize there was so much work that went into what Culpo does.

"Ever since, beyond just this trip, I think that this trip specifically though, just seeing...all the hard work, but watching her and what she's done this last year and a half of her life, it's amazing," Jonas said. "She puts a lot of hard work in and I'm just happy to be a part of it and do whatever I can."

Culpo credits Jonas for making her hectic life a little easier. While looking at her boyfriend she said, "Well, time with my family and a good relationship is definitely what makes it easy. So those things kind of balance out with the hard work. And being able to give back and being able to inspire people with the crown and sash is an honor." She added, "It's something that I was only able to do for just the year, and I'm just excited to have had that and to be able to pass it on to somebody else."

Jonas says he was happy to be able to attend the passing of the crown and to be able to support Culpo. "I'm so happy to be able to come and be a part of the...support," he said. "She's obviously someone I care a lot about, so I'm happy to be here and it's a nice trip for me to just come and enjoy."

Extra’s”, AJ Calloway, also got to speak with Culpo at the event, and ask her about her new relationship with Jonas and what she plans on doing now that her reign as Miss Universe is over.

“At this point, my main priority is just being able to relax and spend time with my family and friends," Culpo said. "I was just kind of plucked out of my normal life. I’m going to do that and see what other doors open. I love hosting and acting," she adds. "Maybe I’ll also sleep-in for a day, not wear a dress, not wear makeup.” As far as her relationship with Jonas goes, she says they are happy and feel lucky to have found each other.

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