'OK, Glass' Could've Been 'Pew, Pew, Pew,' 'Glassicus,' or 'Device, Please'

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If you're an early adopter of Google Glass, you've probably uttered the words "OK, Glass" about seven million times. It's the Google Glass catchphrase - the words needed to access the menu. It's how Glass works, now, but you could've been muttering an entirely different set of words to access the wearable tech.

"Pew, pew, pew," anyone?

Google Glass project marketing manager Amanda Rosenberg took to Google+ to recount the story behind "OK, Glass" and to reveal some of the other phrases that were at least mentioned, if not really considered.

Rosenberg tells the story of how she had dinner with Google Glass product manager Mat Balez and his wife, and how he told her that the Google Glass team was looking for a "hotword." Rosenberg said that the first thing she thought of was "OK, Glass," but she kept it to herself. Later, she sat down and sent him an email with the suggested phrase and the rest is history.

But she also revealed some of the other "hotwords" the Google Glass team thought up - and I have to admit, a few of them are pretty cool.

For instance, "Go Go Glass." That's neat. Also on the list: "Clap on," "Glass alive," "Glassicus," and "Device, please."

"Coming up with the phrase was the easy part. Figuring out if it would work, was another story. There’s a whole team at Glass who worked very hard testing and implementing it before it was adopted. It’s hugely exciting to hear “OK Glass” being used today. That said, ‘Device, please’ is growing on me," says Rosenberg.

I'm partial to "pew, pew, pew."

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