Official Poster For Breaking Bad: Season 5


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The official poster for Season 5 of the smash TV hit Breaking Bad has hit the wires, and let's just say it's enough to make Bruce Campbell proud for its tagline alone. What we have is a great shot of Walter White assuming the thrown, in the shape of a lawn chair, left empty by a blown-up Gus Fring.

The stacks of cash and cases of meth only accentuate the impressive offering:


Hail to the King, indeed.

Considering the season being teased is supposed to be the last season of Breaking Bad, any thoughts on how it will play out? Will Walter survive his reign as the crystal meth king or is Jesse next in line? In case you may not know, the fifth season will be split in two eight-episode segments. The first segment starts on July 15. The second segment, however, will not be shown until the summer of 2013, which means it will take one more year of patronage before you get the final resolution.

Knowing Breaking Bad fans like I do, that won't be much of a problem, save the fact that it's going to take an entire year to get there.