Oculus Rift Integrated Into ThriXXX's Sex-Simulation Software


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If there's any company out there committed to making the simulated sex video game market a real and lasting thing, ThriXXX would have to show up somewhere near the top of the list. The Austrian developers are unashamed in their stance of making quality virtual sex games, something their (very NSFW) website indicates quite well. With games like 3D SexVilla, Hentai 3D 2, and 3D GayVilla, it's pretty clear their efforts are serious, regardless of people's disposition towards pornographic material.

With that in mind, incorporating support for the Oculus Rift headset into ThriXXX's product seems like a natural fit. According to XBiz.com, that very thing is happening with ThriXXX's upcoming service, Chathouse3D.

While this, on the surface, seems like more of a chat client than a game, and therefore, ignoring the capability of the Oculus Rift, think again. First of, as the "3D" in the title suggests, there is very much a visual element involved in Chathouse3D, and if you're familiar with ThriXXX's work, you already have an idea of what the service's visual mode will revolve around--3D avatars of users. The headset will allow those to further immerse themselves in the experience:

In voyeur mode, participants in the chat worlds can enter stealth mode to spy, snoop and peep into others fantasies in a discrete manner, record action in first and third person modes, and create their own voyeuristic realty TV style POV porn from other people’s fantasies. Virtual voyeurs can watch consenting exhibitionist strangers, who are unaware they are being observed, and view in stereoscopic 3D others playing out their intimate fantasies in realistic detail.

With that, it's easy to see how the Oculus Rift can come into play. For those who are interested in finding out more, you can watch the trailer at the Chathouse3D website. Needless to say, it, too, is NSFW.

You can sign up for the beta while you're there.