Obamacare CMAs: Country Music Awards Go Political


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By now we've seen Obamacare mocked by, well, pretty much everyone. SNL got their jabs in, Jon Stewart skewered the healthcare plan on his show ("Democrats can’t spin this turd," Stewart said) and now it has served as fodder for a skit during the Country Music Awards.

Maybe that comes a little out of left field since the CMAs are supposed to be about country music, but that is exactly what happened when Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley hosted the show on Wednesday night. The two did a skit making fun of Obamacare, complete with Paisley strumming his guitar and singing a song.

Watch the entire segment including the lead-up to the skit below (the Obamacare part starts at around the 3:00 mark):

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“Ow! Oh God! I twerked my back! I twerked it good!” Paisley yelled while he and Underwood were in the middle of a song. After Underwood told Paisley he wasn't using "twerking" properly, Paisley responded with, “Yes it is, twerking is a medical term Carrie."

After a couple more jokes, the conversation eventually steered to the new healthcare marketplace. “Hey, do you have that Obamacare?” Underwood asked Paisley, much to the crowd's delight. Paisley pretended not to know what Obamacare is, so Underwood pulled out a laptop to show off the beleaguered Obamacare website.

“Oh it’s great, it’s great...I started signing up last Thursday and I’m almost done!” Underwood said enthusiastically. “Let’s go to the website and get you signed up!”

Naturally, jokes about the glitchy website were made. “Why’s it spinning? Why is it smoking?” Paisley asked. The pair then broke into a song:

“Obamacare by morning ...Why is it taking so long? I’m gonna wind up with hemorrhoids, if I sit here till dawn. Well, I’ve got cataracts and dementia, oh this is getting on my last nerve. Obamacare by morning, over six people served!”

Let's just say that some people enjoyed the skit more so than others. The skit spurred Twitter rants from more liberal users and high praises from conservative users.

[Image via YouTube]