Obama Nominates Dr. Vivek Murthy as the Next U.S. Surgeon General


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On Thursday night, the White House announced President Obama’s nomination for the next U.S. Surgeon General.

The ideal nominee, Dr. Vivek Hallegere Murthy, is the co-founder and president of Doctors for America, a group that has been supporting and promoting Obama’s health care law.

According to Reuters, the organization's website states how “Doctors for America is a group of 15,000 physicians and medical students that has rallied behind Obamacare through participating in marches, filing an amicus brief in the Supreme Court case on the law, and even visiting the Republican National Convention to promote it."

Since his first election, Doctors for America has been Obama’s trusted partners for his health care initiatives. The group was originally called Doctors for Obama and assisted in campaigning the president's election in 2008. In 2009, the group became an advocacy group for affordable healthcare and therefore, reinvented itself.

Coincidently, Obama’s nomination has sprung up during a time of disapproval. The health care reform law has recently been facing adverse responses due to a few issues, in which the president addressed Thursday night.

Murthy, who will replace acting general Boris Lushniak, holds his masters in business administration and doctors of medicine from Yale University. The doctor is currently a physician and instructor at Brigham and Women's Hospital at Harvard.

In 2011, Obama selected Dr. Murthy as one of the members on his prevention advisory board under the law. If Murthy is elected, he will be serving a four-year term as the nation’s leading surgeon.

Located below is a statement reported by Boston.com from the executive director of Doctors For America:

“We congratulate Dr. Vivek Murthy on his nomination to be the next Surgeon General of the United States. He has a tremendous dedication and commitment to improving the lives and health of Americans. He has been a tireless leader in bringing together 16,000 doctors and medical students from all 50 states for the common cause of improving the health of the nation. He brings two decades of experience as a champion in improving health, building coalitions, and bringing diverse people together to bring better health to communities. We are confident Dr. Murthy will be an extraordinary leader for the nation and for improving the health of all Americans as Surgeon General.”

Image Credit: LinkedIn, Vivek Murthy