Obama Impeachment Rejected by Experienced GOP Voices

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"Impeach him! Impeach the President!" shouted someone on the stand;
And it's likely they'd a-impeached him had not Boehner raised his hand.

It's good to be the king, or so the man told us. But apparently it ain't no good to be the President of the United States, Leader of the Free World, most Powerful Man in the Room -- no matter which room he's in.

Facebook Political Analyst and half-term Alaska governor Sarah Palin recently found someone to publish her impassioned call for the impeachment of President Obama over something she equated with domestic violence: allowing too many Latino kids into the United States to flee murders and beheadings in their own country.

“It’s time to impeach; and on behalf of American workers and legal immigrants of all backgrounds, we should vehemently oppose any politician on the left or right who would hesitate in voting for articles of impeachment. The many impeachable offenses of Barack Obama can no longer be ignored. If after all this he’s not impeachable, then no one is.”

When asked for his response to Palin's impeachment call, Speaker of the House, John Boehner, pondered a long moment. wiped a single tear, took a deep breath, and said, "I disagree."

Boehner intends to go forward with his plan to sue President Obama, saying that it is about “faithfully executing the laws of our country.”

Sarah Palin begs to differ.

“You don’t bring a lawsuit to a gunfight,” Palin told Fox News. “There’s no place for lawyers on the front lines.”

No one bothered to tell Palin that bringing an impeachment to a gunfight would be equally as asinine. It's a good thing there is no actual gunfight going on.

Perhaps John Boehner is one of those "politician[s] on the left or right who would hesitate in voting for articles of impeachment".

Now Iowa Senate candidate Joni Ernst is moving her bones by hopping on the Palin Impeach bus tour to the gunfight. She was asked by a conservative radio show host whether Boehner should pursue impeachment instead of a lawsuit.

“So, shouldn’t [Boehner] simply impeach him?” the host asked Ernst.

“Right,” she replied.

“If he thinks he has a case?”

“If he thinks he has a case, then he should proceed with that,” Ernst said.

“With impeachment?”

“Yeah. And that would be up to him. I’m not encouraging or discouraging it. John Boehner is making John Boehner’s choices. But, we know we have a long ways to go, and I think this election is going to be that turning point,” Ernst stated.

Even Pat Buchanan disagrees with all this impeachment talk.

"The GOP would gain nothing and risk everything if the people began to take seriously their threats to do to Barack Obama what Newt Gingrich's House did to Bill Clinton."

Buchanan goes on to lay out a solid reason why Palin's bravado has no place in the politics of grown-ups. He then puts a bow on his argument by pointing out the strategic error.

"The effect would be to enrage and energize the Democratic base, bring out the African-American vote in force and cause the major media to charge the GOP with a racist scheme to discredit and destroy our first black president … If the nation is led to believe Republicans seek to gain the Senate so they can remove Barack Obama from office after a GOP-led impeachment, then Republicans are not likely to win the Senate."

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