Obama Hawaii: Back to Reality Today


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President Obama comes back to cold and blustery D.C. after two weeks in his hometown Hawaii.

As the country watched his hair go from black to almost white in the past five years, the Associated Press tell us that the Obama leaves from his longest vacation since his presidency today. In the last two weeks, the Obama family has spent a little down time in a quiet suburb of Kailua on Hawaii's eastern coast.

As every hard-working guy should, the president has gotten in a few rounds of golf while chumming it up with a foreign official at the same time-- the area has a golf course on the US Marine Corps base, and Barack Obama and New Zealand Prime Minister John Key spent a little time on the green.

Honolulu Star Advertiser tells us that the bond shared by Obama and Key represents a growing trade relationship with New Zealand, and affirms their "continued work together to… enhance regional security and support the democratic values that the United States and New Zealand share."

To solidify the "a man's work is never done" saying, Obama has also signed a defense bill and budget deal for the country on his time off with the ocean breeze easing the strain of making those important signatures. He's also begun pushing for unemployment benefit reinstatement for his not-so-lucky citizens, all while avoiding a polar bear protester.

Not entirely mixing work with play, besides relaxing in his rented beachfront home, Obama has been watching Breaking Bad, visited the zoo with the family and caught some basketball games at the Diamond Head Classic tournament at the Stan Sheriff Center in Honolulu.

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