Obama Endorses Apple for Cult of Personality of Staff

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Writing about the Obama campaign's new organizing app, Dashboard, there was something blindingly apparent to me: the President's campaign staff really has a jones for all things Apple.

In another sign that Apple has triumphantly branded itself as the Company of Cool, the computing devices featured on the Dashboard homepage are slightly modified devices resembling the unmistakable design of Apple's Mac:

Obama Mac

Here is the promotion photo from Apple's Mac page:

Obama Apple

Dead ringer, eh?

But it doesn't stop there. If you're gonna hit the campaign trail, take your White House-endorsed iOS device with you:

Obama Apple iPad iPhone

Coincidentally, the only image I could find of the iPad and iPhone propped up against each other in a similar arrangement was from the page for the official iOS apps for the Democratic Party:

Obama Apple iPad iPhone

For somebody that plays down his cool factor by frequently citing what a dorky dad he is on the talk show circuit, Obama's campaign staff's use of images of products by Apple, the Company of Cool, certainly isn't playing along with that message.