Obama Approval Rating Hits Record Low in California


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When some people think of California, they think of a state overrun with liberals. That may be true to an extent, but according to a new poll, President Barack Obama's approval rating has hit a record low of 44.5 percent. This isn't as low as former President George W. Bush's approval rating got to in the state (down to 28 percent at one point), but it's awfully low for a blue state.

The August Field Poll asked the opinions of 642 registered voters. Just over 44 percent of voters approved of Obama's job, and 43.2 percent of voters disapproved; 12.3 percent of voters were undecided. As a bit of a comparison, sixty percent of Californians voted for Obama in 2012.

Check out the poll below:

The poll also included the racial makeup of the voters. Obama's job performance was approved by 40.3 percent of white people and by 80 percent of African Americans. As far as political ideology goes, 11.9 percent of voters that identify as strongly conservatives approve of Obama, while 79.2 percent of people that identify as strongly liberal approve of Obama.

As you can see from the tweets below, it Obama's low approval rating didn't come as much of a surprise:

Since Obama's approval rating is at a low in the blue state of California, how does he stack up as far as the rest of the country is concerned? According to a Gallup poll taken in the last week of August, 41 percent of voters approve of Obama. Obama was down to a 40 percent approval rating earlier this year.

Some people have speculated why Obama's approval rating has dropped a little lately, and many think it has to do with the president's handling of the terror group ISIS. This group is responsible for the beheading of American journalists James Foley and Steven J. Sotloff. Obama reportedly knew about the group's rise over the past year, but did nothing to stop it, nor has he come up with a course of action yet.