Nvidia Is Bringing The Power Of PC Graphics To Mobile


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Compared to PCs and consoles, mobile graphics are a little dated. Nvidia sees this as a problem, and it aims to fix it in the near future.

At SIGGRAPH, an annual conference dedicated to computer graphics, Nvidia unveiled its new mobile GPU architecture based on its current line of Kepler GPUs for desktop computers. It's called Project Logan and it hopes to bring the performance of desktop computer graphics to mobile platforms.

Nvidia says that Project Logan in its current state can perform better than current top-of-the-line mobile GPUs while using less than a third of the power. It also supports all the current graphic technologies including OpenGL, OpenGL ES and DirectX 11.

If you want to see Project Logan in action, here are two demos that Nvidia is showing off this week at SIGGRAPH. The first is its Ira demo that it unveiled earlier this year running on its $999 GTX Titan desktop GPU. Now it's running on the chip maker's new mobile GPU:

The second is an impressive island demo running on Logan. Take notice of the advanced water rendering and tessellation - both of which are currently not possible on mobile graphics:

Project Logan is still very much in the testing phase now, but it shouldn't be too long before we start seeing it pop up in consumer mobile devices. In fact, it might start showing up in mobile devices as early as next year. When it does, we might finally start seeing AAA game experiences being made for mobile devices.