Now Somebody's Made A Game About Edward Snowden


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It seemed that former NSA contractor Edward Snowden had reached the ultimate level of notoriety when a couple of Hong Kong filmmakers made a short film about his time in the city. It's easy to forget, however, that you're not truly infamous until somebody makes a quickly thrown together game about you.

Last week, Michele Smeets released Snowden Run 3D on Android and the Web last week. As the name implies, it's an infinite runner (a la Temple Run) and it features Snowden on the run from a government agent. Along the way, Snowden collects USB sticks and laptops containing government secrets. The game also features a humorous power-up called the "USSR Hydrogen Bomb" which is activated by making a call to "Uncle Putin."

Unfortunately, there is no gameplay footage of Snowden Run 3D, but here's a screenshot:

Snowden Run 3D

As you can tell, it's not exactly the best looking game out there. There's a reason for that, however, as the game was made in under 30 hours as part of the Ludum Dare Challenge. The creator states that he would love to go back and refine the game now that he's not under a deadline.

Oh, and before you think there's some kind of hidden meaning behind the game, there's not. The creator says that his game is merely a parody, and isn't meant to point fingers at any one party.

If you want to play the game, you can do so on your Android device or on your PC.

As for the real Snowden, he's not running from anything just yet. He's still waiting to hear back on his asylum request from the Russian government, and must remain in Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport until then.

[h/t: Kotaku]